Sophia's Fish and Chips Menu and Prices 2020


Sophia's Fish and Chips Sandwich, Individual Platter, Combination Platter, Family Size Platter, Frozen Seafood, Menu and Prices

Frozen Seafood Sophia's Fish and Chips Menu 2020

F10. Snow Crab Leg$10.00
F8. Lobster$25.00
F14. French Fries$5.00
F1. Cook Shrimp$10.00
F15. Fish Cake$1.00
F11. Octopus$2.99
F12. Crab Meat$3.00
F7. Lobster Tail$10.00
F9. King Crab Leg$11.99
F3. Frog Leg$7.99
F4. Crab Stick$3.49
F5. Lobster Meat$16.00
F6. Real Crab Meat$15.00
F2. Seafood Mix$3.00
F13. Onion Rings$5.00

Family Size Platter Sophia's Fish and Chips Menu 2020

F2. 10pcs Whitings$9.95
F4. 12pcs Crab Sticks$6.50
F3. 30pcs Scallops$8.75
F1. 30pcs Shrimps$12.99

Individual Platter Sophia's Fish and Chips Menu 2020

I5. Chicken Strips$2.00
I10. French Fries$1.75 - $1.25
I4. Crab Stick$2.50
I2. Shrimp & French Fries$5.50
I3. Scallop$3.50
I7. Fish Cake$2.50
I12. Squid Rings$3.50
I6. Dumpling$2.25
I11. Onion Rings$1.25
I1. Shrimp$4.50
I9. Baby Jo-Jo$1.25
I13. Chicken Nugget$2.75
I8. Combination Stick$2.00
I14. Oyster$5.50

Sandwich Sophia's Fish and Chips Menu 2020

S2. Whiting French Fries$4.50
S1. Whiting Sandwich$3.50
S4. Flounder Sandwich$4.75
S3. Red Snapper Sandwich$4.75
S5. Porgy Sandwich$4.25
S6. Catfish Sandwich$4.25

Combination Platter Sophia's Fish and Chips Menu 2020

C5. Combo 5$5.001 flounder, 3 shrimps, chips
C1. Combo 1$4.002 whitings, 3 scallops, chips
C3. Combo 3$4.002 crab sticks, 2 whitings, chips, bread
C2. Combo 2$4.005 shrimps, 1 whiting, chips
C6. Combo 6$5.001 red snapper, 3 scallops, 1 crab stick, chips
C4. Combo 4$4.001 fish cake, 3 shrimps. 1 whiting, chips