Kawayan Menu and Prices 2021

Cuisine: Filipino,

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Desserts Kawayan Menu 2021

Leche Flan$4.50caramel custard
Buko Pandan$5.00young coconut mixed with screwpine leaves, gulaman, and condensed milk
Halo-Halo$6.50shaved ice topped with sweetened milk, ice cream, sugar palm, sweet beans, coconut sport, jackfruit, leche flan, and ube

Kanin Kawayan Menu 2021

Large Steamed White Rice$2.75
Garlic Fried Rice$5.95
Small Steamed White Rice$1.50
Adobo Fried Rice$7.95

Sabaw Kawayan Menu 2021

Mami$8.00beef broth with egg noodles, ginger, pork belly, and chicken
Arroz Caldo$8.00 - $4.00hot rice porridge with chicken, ginger, onions

Drinks Kawayan Menu 2021

Mango Juice$2.00
Coconut Juice$2.00
Gulaman At Sago$2.75
Coke$1.25sprite/diet coke

Ulam Kawayan Menu 2021

Daing Na Bangus$10.95deep fried garlic, vinegar, pepper marinated milkfish
Pork Adobo$9.95pork belly marinated with soy, garlic, onions, black peppercorns, and vinegar
Bistec Tagalog$9.95strips of beef slowly cooked with calamansi, soy sauce, and onions
Sinigang$9.95 - $10.95pork or beef. pork or beef stewed with sour and savory tamarind, tomatoes, onions, green beans, eggplant, and green leaves
Kare-Kare$12.95beef, green beans, eggplant, anatto, bokchoy, and onions stewed in a rich peanut sauce served with shrimp paste on the side
Kaldereta$10.95spanish style tomato stew with beef, liver bits, green and red peppers, spices, and hot dogs
Bicol Express$13.95coconut milk stewed with mussels, shrimp, squid, onions, garlic, and long chilies
Lechon$10.95seasoned suckling pork belly fried to a crisp and served with a house-made sweet and tangy liver pate sauce
Crispy Pata$15.95deep fried pork hock served with soy-vinegar
Dinuguan$9.95pork blood stew with banana peppers, vinegar, and fish sauce

Pampagana Kawayan Menu 2021

Lumpia Frito$2.95fried egg roll filled with cabbage, potato, jicama, carrots, green beans, chicken
Lumpia Shanghai$5.95fried chinese-inspired egg rolls filled with pork, diced onions, carrots, water chestnut and spices served with sweet and sour sauce
Pork Belly Sisig$9.95chopped pork belly sauteed in aioli, onions, chili flakes, soy sauce, and calamansi
BBQ Pork Skewers$5.95red wine and soy sauce marinated cuts of pork grilled served with garlic-vinegar

Inihaw Kawayan Menu 2021

From The Grill.
Chicken Leg Quarters$11.95 - $6.95marinated with calamansi, soy sauce, spices, grilled and served with a coconut lemongrass sauce
Bangus$10.95grilled bone-in milkfish stuffed with ginger and onions

Breakfast Sides Kawayan Menu 2021

Garlic Fried Rice$2.00
Fried Egg$1.00

Almusal Kawayan Menu 2021

Tapsolog$8.95sweet cured beef, over-easy eggs, garlic fried rice
Bangsilog$8.95fried milkfish, over-easy eggs, garlic fried rice
Tocilog$7.95sweet cured anisc and anatto pork, over-easy eggs, garlic fried rice
Porksilog$8.95garlic fried pork chop, over-easy eggs, garlic fried rice
Longsilog$7.95longanisa pork sausage, over-easy eggs, garlic fried rice

Pancit Kawayan Menu 2021

Bihon$8.95thin rice noodles wok tossed with julienned celery, onions, carrots, cabbage and peapods served with your choice of pork, shrimp, or combo
Canton$8.95same preparation of bihon, but with egg noodles
Combo$9.95bihon/canton noodles combined to create the best of both worlds
Palabok$9.95round rice noodles drenched in a shrimp-anatto sauce topped with hard boiled eggs, chopped green onions, chicharon, and crunchy fried garlic