Godaiko Menu and Prices 2020

Cuisine: Japanese,

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Sashimi - Individual Sashimi Godaiko Menu 2020

sashimi items are 3-4 pcs. per order prices are approximately twice sushi prices.
Chef's Choice$20.506 sushi and daily roll
Medium Sashimi$29.505 different types of fish
Small Sashimi$19.50tuna, salmon & yellowtail

Traditional Sushi Godaiko Menu 2020

Futomaki$6.50egg, crab, cucumber masago and kampyo
Salmon Skin Salmon Skin Cucumber$5.50

Godaiko Special Rolls Godaiko Menu 2020

Spicy Thai Shrimp$9.50breaded tiger shrimp with tomato avocado and sweet chili sauce
Yellowtail$6.50yellowtail with scallions
Dynamite Crab$10.50crunchy soft shell crab with lettuce avocado, masago and spicy sauce
California No Mayo$5.75crab stick avocado and cucumber with masago
California$5.75our famous crab and avocado with masago
Salmon$6.50salmon with scallions
Wasabi$10.00tuna, steamed shrimp and scallions with wasabi sauce
Paul's Big Roll$9.50big roll with crab, mango, pine nuts, avocado and scallions
Eel And Cucumber Asparagus Or Avocado$7.50river eel with choice of vegetable
Boston Roll$10.00king crab, avocado, cucumbers lettuce and japanese mayo egg, scallion, cream cheese
Salmon Fusion$11.00salmon, avocado and masago in a tempura fried shell
Naked Tuna$10.00albacore tuna over spicy tuna and scallions
Tuna Fusion$11.00tuna, avocado and masago in a tempura fried shell
Wild Roll$10.50spicy tempura shrimp with crab avocado and chili sauce
California Shrimp$8.50steamed shrimp, avocado and cucumber with masago
Spider$9.75crunchy soft shell crab wrapped with avocado and crab sauce
Spicy Tuna$7.50tuna and scallions with spicy chili sauce
River Dragon$13.75crab and avocado wrapped in a layer of river eel
Spicy California$6.50regular california roll with our spicy sauce
Love Potion$13.75breaded shrimp, salmon and scallions wrapped with avocado and masago
Ultimate Spicy Tuna$13.75spicy tuna and avocado wrapped in ahi tuna
Ocean$11.50big roll with tuna, salmon yellowtail, avocado and masago
Tuna$5.00ahi tuna tekka
Godaiko$13.75crab and avocado wrapped with tuna, salmon and white fish
Tempura Shrimp$9.50tempura fried tiger shrimp with cream sauce
Salmon Bagle Roll$12.50wrapped in salmon
Spicy Salmon$7.50salmon and scallions with spicy chili sauce
California Hot Roll$10.00tempura fried crab and avocado with sweet soy and chili sauce
Princess$12.75lobster, black caviar, avocado and scallions with white wasabi sauce

Godaiko Side Godaiko Menu 2020

California Crab Salad$14.50king crab and shrimp with avocado, pine nuts, somen noodles and ginger dressing
Teriyaki Chicken Salad$12.50shredded free range teriyaki chicken with avocado, pine nuts, somen noodles and ginger dressing
Japanese Fried Chicken$9.75free radge dark meat chicken served with katsu sauce
Prawn Tempura$11.50two prawn and fresh vegetable lightly fried in dry tempura flour
Godaiko House Salad$4.50romaine salad with vegetables, pine nut and somen noodles served with ginger dressing
Shiro Miso Soup$3.95silk tofu, seaweed and scallion in a white miso broth
Vegetable Tempura$8.50fresh mushrooms, sweet yams, onions and peppers lightly fried in dry tempura flour

Sushi A la Carte Godaiko Menu 2020

Salmon Roe$2.95ikura
Sea Eel$2.75anago
Sea Urchin$3.50uni
Surf Clam$2.25hokkigai
Fatty Tuna$4.25toro
Maine Lobster$3.95ise ebi
Albacore Tuna$2.85bincho
Smoked Salmon$2.95fumiyaki shake
Alaskan King Crab$3.95kani
Fatty Yellowtail$3.50hamachi toro
Smelt Roe$2.50masago
River Eel$2.95unagi
Sweet Prawn$3.00(raw), amaebi

Chops And Steaks Godaiko Menu 2020

our steaks are aged 28 days with an 1/8 inch trim and 1/4 inch tail. kobe steaks are the top 25% of steaks served and graded #8 or higer on a japanese marbling scale. our pork is kurabuta berkshire pork and our chicken is organic free range. all dished se
Angus Stir Fry$23.50angus strip steak stir fry with seasonal vegetables
Chicken Breast$18.9514 oz free range, boneless organic chicken served with teriyaki sauce
Fire Steak$26.9512 oz boneless angus strip served spicy chili garlic sauce
Chicken Stir Fry$18.95white chicken breast stir fry with seasonal vegetables
Kobe Stir Fry$38.0012 oz boneless ribeye #8 marbling japan grilled then sliced with fresh seasonal vegetables
Rib Eye$25.5016 oz bone in rib eye black angus with steamed vegetables and teriyaki sauce
Kobe Ribeye$39.9512 oz boneless ribeye #8 marbling japan kobe tenderness with dramatic flavor
New York Strip$26.5012 oz boneless angus strip served pan fried with garlic and teriyaki sauce
Filet Mignon$28.958 oz angus filet served with garlic butter and ginger teriyaki sauce

Vegetarian Sushi Godaiko Menu 2020

Natto Roll$4.00pickled soybeans 6 pcs
Cucumber Roll$4.50cucumber 8 pcs
Mushroom Roll$4.50enoki and kampyo 8 pcs
Avocado Roll$4.75hass avocado 8 pcs
Asparagus Roll$4.50asparagus 8 pcs
Ume & Shiso Roll$4.00plum and mint 6 pcs
Tempura Asparagus$5.00asparagus 8 pcs

Appetizers Godaiko Menu 2020

Calamari Tasfuta$9.50fried calamari served with spicy tobikko sauce
Kani Wasabi$11.50king crab with asparagus and wasabi sauce
Age Dashi Tofu$7.95fried silk tofu squares with a ginger broth
Seafood Lettuce$12.50shrimp, butter scallops and shitake mushrooms with limestone lettuce
Pork Gyoza$8.50minced pork dumplings served with a spicy garlic dipping sauce
Hamachi Toro$12.50sashimi yellowtail seared with bacardi 151 and blood orange ponzu
Chicken Lettuce$10.50shredded chicken and fresh
Edamame$5.50fresh soybeans, steamed and salted
Tako Sunomono$9.50octupus with japanese cucumber and sea kelp
Spicy Ahi Tuna$12.50sashimi tuna served with oil and garlic chili sauce
Wraps$0.00shitake mushrooms with limestone lettuce
Grilled Portabello$8.50sliced portabaello with green asparargus in ginger sauce
Seaweed Salad$6.50variety of japanese sea weed with a sesame vinaigrette
Kani Sunomono$11.50king crab with japanese cucumber and sea kelp
Beef Maki$0.00grilled beef rolled around asparagus, carrots with ginger teriyaki sauce

Sushi Bowls Godaiko Menu 2020

Tekka Don$15.95 - $16.95sliced tuna over rice
Chirashi$17.95 - $18.95assorted sushi over rice

Roll Specials Godaiko Menu 2020

buy one get one free, saturday 1/2 off
Thursday - Spicy California$0.00
Friday - Tempura Shrimp Roll$0.00
Tuesday - California$0.00
Monday - Spicy Tuna Or Salmon$0.00
Wednesday - Spider Roll$0.00
Saturday - Godaiko Roll$0.00
Sunday - Spicy Thai Shrimp$0.00