Garlands Menu and Prices 2022

Cuisine: Sandwiches, Wraps,

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Garlands Appetizers, Salads, Entrees, Menu and Prices

Appetizers Garlands Menu 2022

Lemon Grilled Calamari$14.00over scallion and avocado, with tomatillo puree
Baked Escargot$10.00truffled madeira cream sauce, pecorino cheese and micro greens
Muscovy Smoked Duck Spring Rolls$10.00caramelized white balsamic, sambal and fresh cilantro
'Hudson Valley' Peach Foie Gras$16.00with walnut crumbles and yuzu honey
Spicy Lump Crab Bruschetta$10.00roasted pepper, goat cheese and pickled cucumber salad

Salads Garlands Menu 2022

Romaine Caesar Salad$8.00garlic croustini, pecorino chips, and applewood bacon
Fragrant Green and Cashew Salad$8.00with fresh citrus segments and basil / white wine vinaigrette
Fresh Tomato Salad$10.00baby pea shoots, frisee, fresh mozzarella, shaved shallot, balsamic and olive oil drizzle

Entrees Garlands Menu 2022

Broiled Amberjack, Cilantro Panise, Snow Pea Salad and Jalapeno Vinaigrette$26.00
Blood Orange Braised Lamb Shank, Sauteed Greens and Grilled Lemon, Bluefoot Chantrelle Mushrooms and Natural Au Jus$28.00
Grilled 'Sockeye' Salmon, Pistachio Puree, Madeira Poached Cherries, and Maytag-Stilton Blue Creme$24.00
Shellfish 'Paella' Sauteed Bay Scallop, Petite Shrimp, and Crawfish Over Red Rice in Saffron and Whit Wine Broth$26.00
Dry Aged 'Lean' Ribeye$30.00baby fingerling potato, grilled asparagus, goat cheese Hollandaise and white truffle essence
Pan Seared Atlantic Halibut on Sauteed Spinach and Parmesan Risotto with Caviar Creme$28.00
Balsamic Glazed Beef Tenderloin Medallions, Over Jalapeno-Corn Relish, Sauteed Squash Blossoms and Roasted Tomato Puree$32.00