Cafe One Eight Menu and Prices 2021


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Cafe One Eight Salads, Soup, Sandwiches, Wraps, For The Kids, Coffee Expressions, Un-Coffee Expressions, Smoothies, Menu and Prices

Un-Coffee Expressions Cafe One Eight Menu 2021

Extras - espresso shots $1.00, flavour shots $0.80, soy or almond milk $0.80. Drinks available iced and decaf
Dirty Chai$4.30 - $4.90Chai latte with a shot of espresso.
Espresso Truffle$3.90 - $4.50Hot chocolate with a shot of espresso.
Tea Latte$3.90 - $4.50Any of our teas with vanilla steamed milk.
Hot Tea$1.90 - $2.30Choose a loose-leaf tea.
Iced Tea$2.50Mango green or apple peach.
Hot Chocolate$3.10 - $3.70A classic favorite.
London Fog$3.90 - $4.50Earl grey tea & vanilla steamed milk.
Chai Latte$3.90 - $4.50Served hot or iced. Spiced or vanilla.

Coffee Expressions Cafe One Eight Menu 2021

Coffee To Go$1.90 - $2.30
Red Eye$2.50 - $2.90Coffee & Espresso
Cafe Au Lait$3.10 - $3.70Coffee & steamed milk.
Flavored Latte$4.00Served with any of the syrups listed below.
Bottomless Coffee$2.60
Espresso Macchiato$2.60Espresso with a hint of milk foam.
Iced Coffee$2.80 - $3.50
Cafe Latte$3.50Espresso & steamed milk
Cafe Caramel$4.00Espresso, steamed milk & caramel syrup.
Sugar Free Caramel and vanilla.
Mocha$4.00Espresso, steamed milk, & dark chocolate.
Syrups Almond, caramel, dark chocolate, hazelnut, honey, and vanilla.
Espresso$2.20 - $2.60
Caramel Dream Latte$4.00Espresso, steamed milk, vanilla and caramel.
Americano$2.50 - $3.00Espresso & Hot Water
French Press$4.50Bold coffee in a personal brew pot.

Soup Cafe One Eight Menu 2021

Served with a slice of rosemary bread from thomÂ’s. Ask for current selections
The Focaccia & Basil$7.00Fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes, served open on focaccia bread and drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Served with a cup of soup.
Soup & Salad Combos$9.00Half salad & cup of soup
Soup$3.80 - $5.60

Smoothies Cafe One Eight Menu 2021

100% Natural crushed fruit, ice, & yogurt. Topped with vanilla whipped cream.
The Original Green Smoothie$5.40A burst of healthy, green goodness
Strawberry smoothies$4.90
Mango Sunrise$4.90Mango & strawberry
Mango Smoothies$4.90
Berry Patch$4.90Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry & raspberry

Sandwiches Cafe One Eight Menu 2021

Served with chips or fruit.
Rome$8.70Grilled chicken, goat cheese, spinach, roasted red pepper and balsamic drizzle on ciabatta bread.
Gotham$8.80One of the favorites. Chicken breast, provolone cheese, basil pesto & roasted red pepper on ciabatta bread.
Market Fresh$8.80Fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, avocado, drizzled with seasonÂ’s olive oil and balsamic vinegar on rosemary bread.
Classic Bacon$8.70A twist on an old favorite. Bacon, provolone cheese, avocado and tomato on wheat bread.
Grilled Veggie$8.70A Cafe original. Wheat bread with avocado, spinach, goat cheese, roasted red pepper & caramelized onion.
Substitute Gluten Free bread.$1.40
Plymouth$8.80Sliced turkey with avocado, cheddar cheese and ranch on ciabatta bread.
BBQ & Mushroom$8.70Grilled chicken, provolone cheese, mushrooms and bbq sauce on ciabatta bread.

For The Kids Cafe One Eight Menu 2021

Served with chips or fruit
Grilled Cheese$5.90Grilled homemade wheat bread with havarti cheese. Add bacon, chicken or turkey.

Wraps Cafe One Eight Menu 2021

Served with chips or fruit
BBQ Blue$8.90Marinated chicken, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, bbq sauce and mixed greens on a white wrap.
Chicken Waldorf$8.90Grilled chicken, apples, walnuts, craisins, mixed greens, feta cheese & balsamic dressing on a wheat wrap.
Vegan Delight$8.90Hummus, cucumbers, caramelized onion, roasted red pepper, apples, mixed greens, tomatoes, and balsamic drizzle on a wheat wrap.
Southwest Wrap$8.90Grilled chicken, avocado, roasted red peppers, cheddar cheese and mixed greens with black bean & corn salsa on a wheat wrap.
Athena Wrap$8.90Marinated chicken, hummus, kalamata olives, spinach, roasted red peppers & feta cheese on a wheat wrap.

Salads Cafe One Eight Menu 2021

Served with dressing on the side. Dressings: gluten free caesar, greek, ranch, balsamic and season's oil & vinegar
Veggie Jumble$8.40Mixed greens, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, diced apples, cucumber, avocado and hummus. Served with seasonsÂ’s olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Cobb Salad$8.90Bacon, eggs, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and bleu cheese on romaine lettuce. Served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Marinated Grilled Chicken$8.90Fresh grilled chicken, mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, roasted red peppers, feta cheese & greek dressing. Add k alamata olives $0.80
Chicken Caesar$8.70A classic salad. Fresh grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, parmigiano reggiano cheese, croutons and caesar dressing.
Pear & Bleu$8.40Mixed greens, pears, walnuts, bleu cheese and dried cherries. Served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Add marinated chicken $1.50