Broken Spoke Rotisserie Menu and Prices 2020

Cuisine: Grill,

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Dessert Broken Spoke Rotisserie Menu 2020

Dessert of the Day$7.00
Single Chocolate Chip Cookie$3.00

Real Food Broken Spoke Rotisserie Menu 2020

Rotisserie Pork Belly$16.00Crispy gallo pinto, salsa negra, fried egg
Chilaquiles$14.00Charred tomato and habanero, tortillas, fried egg, queso fresco
Stuffed Challaharita$12.00Dulce de leche, boozey bananas, whip
Rotisserie Amish Chicken$13.50 - $22.00With chimichuri sauce, pickled things, fresh local tortillas
Ropa Viejo Hero$15.00Cuban style shredded flank, fresno chili relish, swiss cheese, steak fries
Huevos El Camino$14.00Two eggs, black beans, salsa picante, tortillas

Rotisserie Broken Spoke Rotisserie Menu 2020

Free Range Chicken$13.50 - $22.00With chimichuri sauce, pickled things, fresh local tortillas
Short Ribs$27.00Pastured raised beef, quinoa & spicy peanuts beast of the week varies

Snacks Broken Spoke Rotisserie Menu 2020

Fried Oysters$12.00Jalapeno puree and charred tomatillos
Empanadas, Curtido$10.00Pasture raised ground beef, raisin, peppers, onion, queso chiuahua with salsa negra
Shishito Peppers$7.00Quick fried peppers tossed with salt & pepper
Sardines Escabeche$10.00Portuguese sardines, picked vegetables, jalapeno, toast

Greens and Things Broken Spoke Rotisserie Menu 2020

Chicken Tortilla Soup$8.00Chicken, seasonal vegetables, tortilla strips
Mac & Chilaca$9.00Baked pasta with cheese sauce & poblano chilis
Pork Ribs, Pineapple Habanero$12.00Braised marinated berkshire pork ribs tossed in salsa
Caesar Chavez Salad$10.00 - $14.00Mix of romain and gem lettuce, anchovy vinaigrette, cotija, sieved egg, pepita, crispy pigs ear. Add chicken $6.00
Kale, Avocado$10.00 - $14.00Celery, smoked paprika vinaigrette, pickled red onion, paprika almonds, queso freso. Add chicken $6.00
Smoked Portuguese Octopus$13.00Lightly pickled cucumber, red onion, peppers, aji amarillo

Sides Broken Spoke Rotisserie Menu 2020

Steak Fries$5.00THick cut potatoes, smoked paprika aioli
Sauteed Chard$6.00raisin, onion, spicy peanuts
Crispy Brussels$7.00Walnut puree, housemade chorizo
Quinoa$5.00Pickled Vegetables, herds, cherry tomatoes, lime
Beans & Rice$7.00With egg black beans & rice, pork belly, topped with fried egg

Something Quick Broken Spoke Rotisserie Menu 2020

Homemade Granola$10.00Local yogurt, walnuts, cinnamon, apples and pears
Fried Oysters$12.00Lemon, cilantro, sunny bang hot sauce, bib lettuce
Shisito Peppers$7.00Sea salt & lime
Grand Daisy Toast$9.00Smashed avocado, sunflower greens and pickled jalapeno

Guarniciones Broken Spoke Rotisserie Menu 2020

Steak Fries$7.00
Black Beans & Rice$5.00
Mac and Chilaca$9.00With poblano chilies
Crispy Brussels, Chorizo & Wainut Puree$7.00
Extra Tortillas$2.00